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Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Listed Artists at JaqDak Arts Studio

Artist: Ione K. Birdman - Eastern Samoa (American Samoa) 

Sculptor - Designer - Writer - Editor and Producer - Interests in Architecture. Born in Eastern Samoa 1980 and is of full Samoan heritage from Tafuna - Island Tutuila

Artist: Seki Maka - Tonga (Vaini)

Traditional Weaver - Tau'olunga Tongan Costume Designer. She is of full Tongan heritage from the village of Vaini born in 1977.

Artist: Sia'a Vaini - Tonga

Bone Carver - Bone Carving Teacher - Father of 4 and Grandfather of 13. Born in Vaini 1954
Mr. Sia'a has been Carving for over 30 years.

JaqDak Arts Studio

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